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5 Things to consider when getting into airsoft

Getting into any hobby can be a big enough minefield as it is let alone a hobby that is fragmented as airsoft – with Milsim, speedsoft, sci-softers and chairsofters to name a few of the divisions under the plastic slinging umbrella it’s hard to know what is really needed when you are getting started. Here we are going to take a look at our top 5 things to consider when getting into the hobby.

Do I need to go straight out and buy a rifle/pistol?

The short answer to this is NO – Almost all sites in the UK have guns for hire (no not mercenaries!) for new players or customers who do not have their own equipment to use. Nine times out of ten these will be the good old fashion G36c (an assault-style rifle more commonly seen at airports or in the hands of police in TV dramas). The site staff will be able to host you at their games with some face and eye protection (normally a full face mesh mask) a rifle and a high-cap (high capacity) magazine – This will normally hold around 300 bbs and should be enough for the whole game (unless you are a trigger happy Rambo type but that is for another blog post!).

5 Things that will affect the range and accuracy of your AEG


We are all looking for it. That golden bullet to make our airsoft rifles hit other players in the next postcode – I’m sorry to say that this post does not contain that magic element. There is actually a lot that goes into making your airsoft rifle have good range and accuracy. In this post, we hope to guide you with some “food for thought” on what you could improve/upgrade to get your rifle from not being able to hit a barn door at 10m to an accurate laser beam of plastic death!

There is always so much stuff to take to an airsoft game – even if you are going to a Sunday Skirmish you need to remember to take guns, slings, magazines, BB’s, gas, sidearm, magazines for the sidearm, back up gun – The list goes on! We have put together a list of the 5 Essential Things you should have in your Airsoft Kit Bag to keep you in the fight.